Thermal treatment

Heat treating of steel is the process of heating and cooling of carbon steel to change the steel’s physical and mechanical properties without changing the original shape and size.

Heat Treating is often associated with increasing the strength of the steel, but it can also be used to alter certain manufacturability objectives such as improve machinability, formability, restore ductility etc. Thus heat treating is a very useful process to helps other manufacturing processes and also improve product performance by increasing strength or provides other desirable characteristics. High carbon steels are particularly suitable for heat treatment, since carbon steel respond well to heat treatment and the commercial use of steels exceeds that of any other material.

We are offering folowing services:

  • hardening
  • quench hardening
  • tempering
  • carburization
  • carbon nitriding
  • annealing

We are using top quality furnaces from German manufacturer Ipsen, who is world leader of atmosphere furnaces with 60 years tradition.

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