Quality policy


The quality policy is an integral part of the culture of the company JE&GR d.o.o. It has been created and implemented by all employees of the company. Our company management passes its commitment to continuous improvement of the quality of our products to all employees of the company and all business partners. We strive for excellence in all areas of our business, as certified by the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate.

  1. We operate under guidelines and with due diligence of a prudent businessman with clear goals and vision, and we have devoted ourselves to serving our customers to the best of our ability. We promptly respond to requests and questions from other interested parties in the social environment in which we operate.
  2. We strive to meet our customers’ requirements, and to continuously improve the results of our work in all important areas of the business.
  3. Taking care of important customers is our priority. With these customers, we are up to date with their needs. We follow our customers’ needs throughout all phases until the realization, and we keep our customers satisfied with our products and service throughout the whole process.
  4. We make sure that we do not cause unnecessary problems to our customers. However, if they do occur, we deal with them responsibly and with maximum commitment.
  5. We therefore continuously improve our products and services and eliminate inconsistencies.
  6. We regularly organize education and training programmes to update our staff skills and knowledge. We make sure that our employees are constantly up to date with the necessary information.
  7. Workplace safety comes first. This is why we always try to identify and check for potentially dangerous situations.
  8. We take care of regular checking of costs and prices of products, as well as the company’s liquidity.