JE&GR defence dpt. is specialized in production of finished and semi-finished mechanical products for defense industry companies of western and central Europe. We are providing custom services, development and production for the suppliers and defence related companies in Europe. In the last 20 years we have produced more than 9500 different parts for weapons and army machinery, mostly for the end use of German, Austrian and Netherlands defence related companies.

We are offering cooperation capabilities in the fields of steel machining, welding, thermal treatment and manufacturing complete sets of products. We can offer DIN 2303 certified welding services – a welding standard for demanding millitary equipment manufacturing and repair. Also providing services companies that are rebuilding and repairing millitary veichles and equipment.

One of our expertize is technology developement and optimization for prototype parts and lower series production. We can produce a couple of spare parts that used to be made in hundreds or thousands series.

For example: If you have some older machinery and you need a spare part that is used to be made with expensive tooling we can help you. We can offer you the substitute, with the same properties for a tenth of the price.

Complete list of references is available upon request, due to commercial confidentiality to our customers. Please send request to