Environmental policy


Environmental policy is an integral part of the culture of the company JE&GR d.o.o. It has been created and implemented by all employees of the company. Our company management passes its commitment to continuous prevention of all types of environmental pollution to all employees of the company and all business partners. We strive for excellence in all areas of our business, as certified by the ISO 14001:2004 quality certificate.

  1. We meet legislation, regulations, standards and other environmental protection requirements.
  2. We set realistic goals and strive for their realization.
  3. We provide adequate and satisfactory resources for achieving sustainable rational use of energy, raw materials and other natural resources.
  4. We raise environmental awareness of our employees and business partners through education, internal and external communication.
  5. We evaluate the company’s performance in the light of the set environmental protection policy and look for potential improvements where possible.
  6. We maintain the process of assessing and reviewing the environmental management system in order to identify opportunities to improve the system and increase efficiency.
  7. We cooperate with the interested persons, inform them about our activities and respond to environmental issues.