JE & GR d.o.o was established in 1993 by Jelševar Slavko and Grošelj Marjan. Company currently employs 32 permanent workers and has over 70 close subcontractors with half of them working exclusively for    JE & GR.

jegrlogoOur primary activity is production of products for customer contracts in Slovenia and in EU countries, especially for the German army and defense industry. This represents more then 70% volume of the total production output. For the needs for production of weapons and army equipment, we gained consent for the production of military weapons and equipment, and grant certain employees access to information classified CONFIDENTIAL, from Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia back in year 2004.

Company has manufactured more than 9700 different army products in the last 20 years.

We are producing items from a wide range of materials using different types of manufacturing. These are the products:

-          Metals (castings, welded, forgings, steel workpieces, non-ferrous metals, …)

-          Rubber (seals, shock absorbers, rubber products combined with steel parts)

-          Plastic (for different purposes and from different materials)

-          Goods (different bags)

-          Various other articles of wood, cork, etc..


With this wide range of products, we were unable to do all the manufacturing for ourselves, so our strategic


decision is to find subcontractor specialists for specific products. Then, for each individual product we specify technology and logistics for manufacturing a complete product which is then assembled and quality controlled in our company.


For assembling, packaging and optimal technological approach of construction we employ a number of experts with many years of experiences.  In addition, we have indispensable input and output control, with good and highly experienced quality control.

Our production facilities are very wide, because we work in different areas with more than 70 subcontractors, depending on the needs and specific product manufacturing.

We have the following manufacturing options:

-          Manufacture of various types of steel castings, ductile or gray iron, various non-ferrous metals casted in the sand or with pressure casting method.

-          Manufacture various types of forgings

-          Working on: CNC lathes, conventional lathes, turning machines, CNC machine centers, CNC milling machines, conventional milling machinery, drilling machines of different sizes

-          Punching and transformation of sheet metal with eccentric presses of different sizes, hydraulic presses, bending machines and others.

-          Manufacture of various welded with the TIG, MAG, flame and other procedures.

-          Spot welding of steel, aluminum and brass plates.

-          Production of professional snowchains for tractors, trucks and other special vehicles.

In the field of welding, we obtained certificates EN 729, and DIN 2303, which means that our welding dpt. is trained in organizational and technical terms to satisfy the demanding requirements of welding for defense product certification. This certificate is awarded to us by an international institution TUV.

In the production process, we have a modern Ipsen furnaces, which can perform various heat treatment such as quenching, hardening and carbo-nitrating.

Protection or finished and semi-finished products

-          Painting: wet or drycoated according to customer requirements

-          Galvanic protection with phosphate, bronze, nickel, zinc and various aluminum galvanic protection

We have many experiences in the field of rubber and plastic products with various cooperators. We manufactured many different products with different qualities (hard, soft, foam rubber) and different ways of processing (estruding, baking in the models, vulcanisation, punching from sheets …)

Articles from plastics are also very common products. Our technologists are designing tools for injection molding from various polyesters.

To name a few specific items:

Metal glasses with protective housings, metal boxes for lamps in vehicles, various types and forms of seats for vehicles, various bags, canvas, components for army tents, various spare parts for combat and transport vehicles such as mirrors, exhaust mufflers, hydraulic hose, protection nets on the windows of vehicles, components for weapons and equipment and many others

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